Scientist Profile

Employee ID BAU085
Name Tarak Nath Goswami
College Bihar Agricultural College, Sabour
Department Entomology
Designation Asstt Prof. cum Jr. Scientist
Qualification Ph.D.
DOB 01/01/1980
DOJ 08/10/2012
Mobile 9472239478
Area of Specialisation Entomology, Biological Control, Economic Entomology
Research Activities Rice Entomology, Entomologist at AICRP on Linseed, Nonplan project on ecological Management of Mustard Aphid, Biological Control
Professional Experience 4.5 years
Training Acquired One 21 days training and one short course
Award Fellowship i.Best young scientist award, 2016 ii. Excellence in Teaching Award, 2016
Editorial Skill Yes
Extension Activities Yes

Research Publication and Books

1 Goswami TN, Yadav M, Anil and Ray SN, 2016, Effect of chemical vis-à-vis non-chemical pest management on predatory spiders in paddy-ecosystem, Journal of Applied and Natural Science, 8(1), 437-440.
2 Goswami TN, Anil and Chandran, N, 2016, Ladybird beetles in major rabi oilseed and pulse crops at Sabour, Bihar, International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology, 5(4), 2382-2386.
3 Yadav M, Goswami TN, Anil and Ray SN, 2016, Species composition of spider-fauna in paddy ecosystem throughout the cropping period at Sabour, Bihar, Ecology, Environment and Conservation, 22(2), 719-722.
4 Goswami TN, Kumari K, Anil and Kole B, 2015, Quantitative estimation of spider fauna in rice ecosystem of Zone IIIA in Bihar, Environment and Ecology, 33(2), 783-785.
5 Kumari K, Kumar A, Saha T, Goswami TN and Singh SN, 2015, Biointensive management of pod borer in chickpea, Journal of Eco-friendly Agriculture, 10 (1), 50-52.