Scientist Profile

Employee ID BAU2045
Name Dr Paramveer singh
College Bihar Agricultural College, Sabour
Department Horticulture (Vegetable & Floriculture)
Designation Assistant Professor cum Junior Scientist
Qualification Ph.D.
DOB 01/02/1977
DOJ 10/11/2014
Mobile 9631007502
Area of Specialisation Floriculture and Landscaping
Research Activities Protected Culltivation
Professional Experience 08 years in teaching and research
Training Acquired 01
Award Fellowship One award
Editorial Skill Chief Editor of one peer reviewed journal
Extension Activities Lecture delivered in farmers training, Radio talks, solved farmers problems through video conference and plant health clinic from the university

Research Publication and Books

1 Singh, P., Singh, U.P., Bairwa, P.L. and Bairwa, S.L., 2015, Career Opportunity in Horticultural Sector, International Journal of Agricultural Science and Research, 5 (6), 329-336.
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6 S. A. Aklade, Kirti Bardhan, Parmveer singh, D. K. Kakde and A.V. Pathan, 2010, Effect of PGR on growth, flowering and flower yield of chrysanthemum cv. Local White, The Asian Journal of Horticulture, 4(2), 491-493.
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