Scientist Profile

Employee ID BAU270
Name Mohammed Wasim Siddiqui
College Bihar Agricultural College, Sabour
Department Food Science and Technology
Designation Assistant Professor-cum-Jr Scientist
Qualification Ph.D.
DOB 04/07/1984
DOJ 26/09/2012
Mobile 09835502897
Area of Specialisation Postharvest Biotechnology
Research Activities 4 Projects
Professional Experience 5 Years
Training Acquired 03
Award Fellowship 15
Editorial Skill Editors of many internationally acknowledged books
Extension Activities training

Research Publication and Books

1 Siddiqui, M.W.*; Bhattacharjya, A.; Chakraborty, I. and Dhua, R. S., 2011, 6-benzylaminopurine improves shelf life, organoleptic quality, and health-promoting compounds of fresh-cut broccoli florets, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 70 (6), 461- 465.
2 Vega-Vega, V.; Silva-Espinoza, B.A.; Cruz-Valenzuela, M.R.; Bernal-Mercado, A.T., Gozalez-Aguilar, G.A.; Ruiz-Cruz, S.; Moctezuma, E.; Siddiqui, M.W. and Ayala-Zavala, J.F., 2013, Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of byproduct extracts of mango fruit, Journal of Applied Botany and Food Quality, 86: 205-211, :10.5073/JABFQ.2013.086.028..
3 Ayala-Zavala, J.F.; Vega-Vega, V.; Rosas-Domínguez, C.; Palafox-Carlos, H.; Villa-Rodriguez, J. A.; Siddiqui, M.W.; Dávila-Aviña, J. E. and G.A González-Aguilar, 2011, Agro-industrial potential of exotic fruit byproducts as a source of food additives, Food Research International, 44(7), 1866- 1874.
4 Ahmad, M.S.; Thakur, K.S. and Siddiqui, M.W., 2013, Postharvest treatments for preserving quality of ‘Kinnow’ under different storage conditions, Advances in Horticultural Science, 27(4), 152-158.
5 Siddiqui, M.W*. and Dhua, R. S, 2010, Eating artificially ripened fruits is harmful, Current Science, 99 (12), 1664- 1668.
6 Siddiqui, M.W.*; Chakraborty, I.; Ayala-Zavala, J.F. and Dhua, R. S., 2011, Advances in minimal processing of fruits and vegetables, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 70 (9), 823- 834.
7 Chattopadhyay, A.; Chakraborty, I.; and Siddiqui, M.W., 2013, Characterization of determinate tomato hybrids: search for better processing qualities, Journal of Food Processing and Technology, 4(222): 2-6, DOI:10.4172/2157-7110.1000222.