Scientist Profile

Employee ID BAU_2042
Name Dr. Narendra Kumar Sharma
College Bihar Agricultural College, Sabour
Department Extension Education
Designation Asstt. Prof.-cum- Jr. Scientist
Qualification PhD
DOB 06/081974
DOJ 11/06/2014
Mobile 9471056120
Area of Specialisation Agricultural Extension
Research Activities Research in Social Science
Professional Experience Teaching, Research, Extension
Training Acquired Train the Trainers Training by Agriculture Skill Council of India
Award Fellowship Recieved several Awards in National Seminars
Editorial Skill BAU Ek Nazar,
Extension Activities Kisan Chupal, Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav, Coordinating Bihar Skill Development Mission

Research Publication and Books

1 N K Sharma, S K Acharya, S. Bera and B C Mandal, 2013, Estimation of Farmer's Confusion in Technology Socialization process: An Agro-Economic and Socio-Cultural Analysis, Journal of Interacademicia, 17 (2), 323.
2 S K Acharya and N K Sharma, 2013, Social Metabolism: The Kinetics of Entropy and Osmosis in Transforming Farming System, Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 4 (2), 160-163.
3 N K Sharma, M M Adhikary and S K Acharya, 2013, Estimation of farmers rejection i technology socialization process: An agro-economic and socio-cultural analysis, Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 4, 516.
4 N K Sharma and S K Acharya, 2014, Social Entropy and Metabolism in Technology Transfer : The Issues of Micro Policy and Social Environment, Journal of Interacademicia, 18 (4), 623.
5 N K Sharma and S K Acharya, 2013, Estimation of Conflict to Measure Social Entropy in the Realm of Technology Socialization in a Farm Ecology, International Journal of Advanced Research, 1 (3), 90-95.
6 Narendra Kumar Sharma and S K Acharya, 2014, Estimation of Dissonance in Transforming farm ecology: A System Approach to Measure Social Entropy, Journal of Interacademicia, 18 (1), 101.