Scientist Profile

Employee ID BAU0251
Name Dr. Ravi Shankar Singh
College Bihar Agricultural College, Sabour
Department Plant Breeding & Genetics
Designation Assistant Professor cum Jr Scientist
Qualification PhD
DOB 02/02/1979
DOJ 21/09/2012
Mobile 7781896931
Area of Specialisation Molecular breeding and Plant Biotechnology
Research Activities 1. Modulation of in vitro production of bioactive molecules using biotechnological and mutagenic approaches in medicinal plants. 2. Molecular and conventional breeding of oilseeds (mustard) and fruit crops (guava) for high yield and improved quality traits. Research Projects (as PI/Co-I): BRNS-DAE (2), SERB-DST (1), DBT (1), State (1) and University (1) funded
Professional Experience 07 Years
Training Acquired 1. Summer school on “Experimental Approaches in Utilization of Genomic Resources for the Improvement of Horticultural Crops” from 05 Jul 2017 to 25 Jul 2017 (21 days) at College of Horticulture, UHS Campus, GKVK Post, Bengaluru, 2. Technology Led Entrepreneurship Training Programme for research scholars organized by CSIR (HRDG), Feb.12th to March 11th 2007 at CLRI, Chennai
Award Fellowship 1. CSIR-UGC NETJRF/SRF 2. ASRB-NET, 3.DST-SERB Young Scientist Research Grant Award, 4. Outstanding Scientist Award-2016 by Venus International Foundation, 5. Best Poster award at International Conference Harnessing the sub-Himalayan Plant Diversity for Human Welfare, at Dibrugarh University, Assam, 11-13 March 2015, 6. Best Paper Award for for “Plant metabolic engineering for enhanced in vitro production of phytochemicals and conservation of natural resources in National conference at TMBU
Editorial Skill Published several research and review articles in journals of repute
Extension Activities 04

Research Publication and Books

1 Ravi S. Singh and Sanjay Kumar, 2012, A protocol to remove colored metabolites and other inhibitors (RECOIN) from plant tissues to facilitate RNA isolation suitable for downstream applications, Biotechnology Progress, , doi: 10.1002/btpr.1577.
2 Sanjay Ghawana, Asosii Paul, Hitesh Kumar, Arun Kumar, Harsharan Singh Pardeep Kumar Bhardwaj, Arti Rani, Ravi S. Singh, Jyoti Raizada, Kashmir Singh, and Sanjay Kumar, 2012, An RNA isolation system for plant tissues rich in secondary metabolites, BMC Research Notes, 4, 85.
3 Etika Goyal, Ravi S. Singh, K. Kanika, 2013, Isolation and functional analysis of salt-induced promoter of Salt overly sensitive 1 (SOS1) gene from Salicornia brachiata., Biologia Plantarum, 57 (3), 465-473.
4 Ravi S. Singh, B.C. Sood and Naresh Kumar, 2012, Identification of yield attributes for selection through correlation and path analysis of lentil (Lens culinaris Medik), Crop Research, 43 (1, 2 & 3), 171-177.
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