Scientist Profile

Employee ID BAU0278
Name Dr. Mankesh Kumar
College Bihar Agricultural College, Sabour
Department Plant Breeding & Genetics
Designation Asstt. Prof.-cum-jr. Scientist
Qualification Ph. D.
DOB 25/09/1978
DOJ 29/09/2012
Mobile 9771602414
Area of Specialisation Marker Assisted Breeding in Rice, Characterization of Rice Germplasm
Research Activities 1. PI in SERB DST funded project on Breeding for architectural modification of Katarni Rice through marker assisted selection. (Project Code: SB/YS/LS-81/2013. 2. PI in state plant project on Morphological and molecular characterization of local landraces of Bihar
Professional Experience 07 years
Training Acquired A.Attended training programme on “Rice Breeding: Recent Developments, Emerging Challenges and Future needs” organized by IRRI, South Asia Hub, Patancheru, Hyderabad, Telangana State between 5th to 18th September, 2014. B. Attended an ICAR sponsored 21 days’ winter school training at ICAR-NRCPB, New Delhi during 1-21st February, 2016
Award Fellowship DST young Scientist Fellowship for the project titled "Breeding for architectural modification of Katarni rice through marker assisted selection"
Editorial Skill Reviewed manuscripts submitted in the Journal Plant Genetics Resource"
Extension Activities Assisting a Katarni gowers association in preparing the Application for the Geographical indication of Katarni rice. Working in the promotion of Bhagalpur Katarni rice

Research Publication and Books

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3 6. Deepak Rajpurohit, Rahul Kumar, Mankesh Kumar, Priyanka Paul, Anjali Awasthi, P. Osman Basha, Anju Puri, Tripta Jhang, Kuldeep Singh and Harcharan Singh Dhaliwal, 2010, Pyramiding of two bacterial blight resistance and a semidwarfing gene in Type 3 Basmati using marker-assisted selection, Euphytica, 178, 111–126.
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