Bhola Paswan Shastri Agriculture College
Correspondence: B. P. S. Agril. College, Purnea,
Kasba Road, Purnea City,
Phone/Fax: 06454-243114,
Mobile - 09934880730
Head: Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Assoc. Dean-cum-Principal


Location and Historical Background

Purnea with population of 0.34 million with literacy rate 63.07%   is one of the important city of Bihar. The city is well connected with national highway, east- west corridor and railway. The college is situated 3 KM from Purnea junction and 4KM from national highway. Since historical times, Purnea has been a famous educational, political and cultural center. It is situated at 250 13' 80" N-270 07' 59" N latitude and 860  59'  06"  E -870  52' 55" E longitude having average maximum temperature 430C and average rainfall 1408mm.

The Department of Agriculture, Govt of Bihar established Seed Multiplication Farm of 84 ha in 1958 at Purnea and since then the farm is producing quality seed of important crops to cater the need of farmers of the area. Later on, it was realized that research and education are the very foundation for the development of agriculture, So the Govt of Bihar decided to established Agricultural College at this farm in 2011.The college is named after the famous personality, social reformer, Agriculturist and thrice Chief Minister of the state late Bhola Paswan Shastri, who hails from village Kajha of the district Purnea.

      Bhola Paswan Shastri Agricultural College, Purnea is the newly established constituent college of Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour, and Bhagalpur. The college came into existence in April ,2011 and performs innovative education programme to meet the

modern challenge of scientific manpower, vital and relevant research, extension services and quality planting materials.

The present B.P.S. Agricultural college provides an opportunity not only for healthy academic activities, but also for all- round growth and development of students. Apart from teaching, the college is also involved in research, extension, training and production of quality planting materials, which provides opportunity to the students to learn in an integrated manner.



Departments in B.P.S. Agricultural College, Purnea

* Agricultural Economics                           * Agricultural Engineering

*Agronomy                                                   *Entomology

* Food Science and Technology                *Extension Education

 *Horticulture                                               * Live stock production and management

* Plant breeding and genetics                   *Plant pathology

*Soil Science                                                 *Vegetable Science



1.      Agricultural Education: To train human resource needed for Agricultural Sector for the development of the state.

2.      Research: Generate technologies to raise Production and Productivity in Agriculture and allied sectors.

3.      Extension: Transfer of technology through the dissemination of knowledge in collaboration with the line department of the State.

Mission: The mission of the College is to provide a multidisciplinary approach to learning, invention and citizen engagement in the field of Agricultural Science that makes positive impact on society.

 The College will:

*Enhance Sustainable production and productivity in the field of Agriculture.

*Assist farmers by market led extension to raise income through value added    product, bio based product, processing and crop diversification.

 * Develop high value horticulture and speciality crop product and systems.

 * Study pests of crops and develop Integrated pest management to reduce  their effect on plants.

* Strengthen communities and their economic viability by enacting innovative tools, so that citizens and State govt. can use to respond to change.

Vision: The lives of farmers and farm families will improve through Education, Innovation and relevant lifelong learning.

4.     Contact details of the Staff.


Sl. No.






Dr. Rajesh Kumar

Assoc. Dean-cum-Principal





Assoc. Prof.-cum-Sr. Scientist (Ento.)



Dr.Janardan Prasad

Assoc. Prof.-cum-Sr. Scientist (S.S.)




Dr. D. K. Mahto

Assoc. Prof.-cum-Sr. Scientist (Agron.)



Dr.Ranvir Kumar

Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist (Ag. Econ.)



Shri S. P. Sinha

Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist (Agron.)



ShriMithilesh Kumar

Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist (P.P.)



Smt. SumanKalyani

Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist (P.B.&G.)



Non Teaching


Dr.Ranvir Kumar

Asstt. Comptroller









Shri Sri Prasad Ram





Shri Ram NathSah





Shri Dhirendra Swaroop

Field Overseer




Shri Shaligram Chaudhary

Field Overseer




ShriBinod Kumar

Ward Servant




Shri Shivnandan Mandal

Monthly Labourer





Key Activities of B. P. S. Agril. College

(a)  Teaching : The College offers four year B.Sc. Ag. Degree Programme.


Instructional Programme:

The instructional programme follows semester system of course credit. The medium of instruction is English. The first and second semesters normally start in the month of July and January respectively.

Under graduate programme, Intake capacity B.Sc. (Ag.) – 50 seats/year

The degree programme is of four year duration spread over 8 semester. The evaluation is 50% internal and 50% external. The credit requirement for the B.Sc. (Ag.) degree is 168 credits along with 20 credit of rural agricultural work experiences (RAWE). To expose the students to the rural life and farming situations, the RAWE programme of one Semester has been introduced in the curricular of B.Sc. (Ag.). During the 7th semester the students are tagged with selected Krishi Vigyan Kendra / Research institutes / station to gain farm experience.

Faculty Position:-

The college has well trained faculty comprising of one Associate Dean-cum-Principal, 3 Associate Professors and 5 Assistant Professors. Most of the professors have achieved distinction in their respective field of specialization. The college also involves Scientists posted at Research station and Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s to fulfill the teaching requirement.


At present, the college has developed temporary infrastructures in terms of class rooms, laboratories, library and computer facilities with internet connection.  The college has also arranged Boys hostel at campus and Girl’s hostel in town with full facilities.

The proposed infrastructures of the college are Administrative cum college buildings, Auditorium, Girl’s and boy’s hostel, sports complex and residence for employees.


The college library is also established with around 500 books pertaining to B.Sc. Ag. course and others.


For boys Hostel, arrangement for accommodation of students are made at campus and for Girls students, hired building for their accommodation are made available in town. Each of the hostels has common hall and mess arrangement. The warden, assisted by superintendents, supervise the hostels. The reading room is provided with newspaper, magazine and LCD TV. The mess is run by the students on cooperative basis.


A number of scholarship and educational concessions are available.

Educational Tour:-

Educational tours to reputed institutions and organization throughout the country are arranged to give the students exposure.

 Extra Curricular Activities

The college provides facilities for cultural and literary activities and NSS etc.

Games and Sports

The college has created facilities to conduct games and sports like volleyball, cricket etc.

Cultural and Literary Societies

The college provides facilities needed for performing cultural and literary events namely Debate and Declamation Contest, Quiz competition, Songs and other cultural events.

(b) Research

Faculty members of the college are encouraged to carry out researches with the funding from various agencies.

List of on going projects, Multi location trials and others experiments

1.      Experiments on cultivators fields under AICRP (IFS) funded by ICAR is running at the college to develop cost effective crop rotation crop, management practices and IFS model suitable for the area.

2.      Multi location varietal trail of wheat sponsored by AICRP wheat, Sabour

3.      Evaluation of paddy hybrid trial sponsored by B.A.U., Sabour

4.      Multi location varietal trail of paddy sponsored by AICRP paddy ARI, Patna

5.      Preliminary survey, assessment and R&D proposal for development of climate Resilient agriculture in the eastern India, Nepal and Bangladesh. 

6.      Entomological trial on Bio-efficncy of some gramular insecticides against important insect pests of paddy.

7.      A trial of Soil Science on “Evaluation of micronutricnt deficiency in paddy-wheat cropping system.

 (c) Extension

College is having facilities like training hall to conduct training on relevant subject pertaining to innovative Agricultural technology both on and off campus. Scientists of the college are also imparting training in the programme organized by line department and NGO operating in the area.

Salient achievements of College


Soon after the establishment of B. P. S. Agril. College, Purnea in the year 2011, a batch of 32 students are enrolled and after completing one year they  are in second year i.e. 3st semester. This year college is awaiting admission of fifty students and creation of necessary arrangement for their accommodation and other facility is on the verge of completion.

Library with 500 books pertaining to agricultural science is created.


  • College has initiated research since inception and result is awaited
  • College is having ECF project to evolve better crop management practices, crop rotation and IFS model to provide proven technology which will be better suited at local level.
  • College has also initiated different strategic research programme like hybrid paddy, varietal trial of paddy and wheat and CIMMYT experiment on responses of fertilizer on yield of maize as recommended by experts



  • Scientists of the college are actively involved in transfer of agricultural technology by participating in Kisan Mela, Kisan Gosthi etc. organized by state agriculture department.
  • College is organizing Kisan chaupal in every Saturday in villages to acquaint farmer with recent agricultural technology.
  • College has also organized one training programme on vermi composting.


  • Since the establishment of the college in the year 2011, all-round development of college is initiated for Agriculture education, farm development for seed production and other related activities are taken up more efficiently.
  • College is having 84 ha. Land, out of which 52 ha. is under seed production of  improved var. of paddy, wheat and pulses.
  • In 2011-12, college produced in total of 155 tonnes of foundation seed of seven variety of paddy and 82.5 tonnes of 6 variety of wheat.
  • College has also developed plant nursery with mother plants of Litchi, Guava, Mango etc. and high density orchard in 1 ha. each of mango and guava.


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