The Grant of Deptt. of Agriculture, Govt. of Bihar is received through P.L Account (Personal Ledger Account) of the University maintained at Treasury Bhagalpur. All payment (viz Salary, Pension, CNC etc) related to such grant is being made through CFMS. The CFMS is active since October’2020 vize O.O. No 356/F.Y. 2020-21/Accounts/BAU, Sabour dated: 21-10-2020


At present headquarter level of activity structure are as following:-


   (1)  Administrator  & Approver  - Sri Birendra Kumar Sinha (Dy. Comptroller, BAU, Sabour)

   (2)  Approver  - Sri Ajay Kumar Mallick (Audit Officer, BAU, Sabour)

   (3)  Checker – Sri Rakesh Kumar Tanti, Assistant Comptroller, BAU, Sabour

                           Sri Umashankar Sharma, Senior Auditor, BAU, Sabour

   (4)  Maker  -   Sri Shiv Mohan Lal, Personal Assistant, Comptroller Office, BAU, Sabour                       

                          Shri Staya Sai Sharan Sharma, JRA, BAU, Sabour


            In addition to above Colleges under the Jurisdiction of this University have makers for uploading the bills for checking and approval work at the HQ Level (Comptroller Office) and onward transmission to the treasury for payment.


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