Technology Developed


Natural Recourse Management (Agronomy & Soil Science) (25)


  1. Resource conservation techniques in rice- wheat system
  2. Integrated Nutrient Management in Rice-wheat System
  3. Reducing P- Requirement by Taking Advantage of its Residual Effect in Rice-Wheat-System
  4. Agro-Technique of Dry Direct Seeded Rice (DSR) for Bihar
  5. Management of Weeds in Zero Tilled Wheat
  6. Nutrient Management in Scented Rice-Potato-Onion Organic Cropping System
  7. Use of Pre-emergence herbicide (Pendimethalin) for the control of Parasitic Weed Cascuta sp. in Lentil
  8. Conservation Tillage Practice in Sowing of Lentil
  9. Chemical weed management in Pigeon pea
  10. BGA Production Technology for N Supplementation in Transplanted Rice Crop
  11. Azolla: An Eco-friendly Source of Plant Nutrients Reducing Chemical NPK Demand of Rice Crop
  12. Enhancing the productivity of Rabi hybrid maize through high fertility level and high plant density.
  13. Weed management in onion.
  14. Weed management in Direct Seeded Rice.
  15. Production technology of liquid Rhizobium biofertilizer.
  16. Production technology of liquid Azotobacter biofertilizer.
  17. Production technology of liquid Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria (PSB) biofertilizer.
  18. Co-Inoculation of liquid biofertilizers for N and P supplementation in Rice-wheat cropping system.
  19. Sabour Bio-Arsenic Mitigator-1.
  20. Mitigation of terminal heat stress in late sown wheat through foliar application of NPK 13:0:45.
  21. Control of smell melon through combined application of Pendimethalin with Imazethapyr in summer green gram for Koshi region of Bihar.
  22. Weed management in chickpea.
  23. Multicut Sorghum-Berseem-Maize + Cowpea most feasible cropping system for round the year fodder production under medium to upland condition in Bihar.
  24. Sorghum + Cowpea with 2:1 row ratio intercropping system in lean period under Bihar condition.
  25. Trishankar Grass (Tri-Specific Hybrid-TSH) +Perennial Dhaincha (Sesbania)/ Stylo Grass+Sorghum+ Cowpea-Maize cropping system is the most profitable cropping system for round the year fodder production


Natural Recourse Management (Horticulture) (08)

  1. Suitable Strawberry Varieties for Cultivation in Agro climatic Zone III of Bihar
  2. Standardization of Ideal Planting Time of Strawberry in Bihar
  3. Standardization of nutritional requirement through Fertigation for Good Quality Strawberry
  4. Planting System cum High Density Planting in Mango cv. Amrapali
  5. Integrated Plant Nutrient Management in Mango
  6. Technology Development on package and practices of Makhana production
  7. Agrifound Dark Red Onion Production in Kharif season
  8. Agrifound Light Red Onion Production in Rabi season


Product Development and Marketing (04)

  1. Manual-cum-Power Operated Maize Sheller-cum-Paddy Thresher-cum-Winnower
  2. Manual-cum-Power operated Mango Harvester
  3. Short Term Residence (STR) dryer
  4. Packaging Technology of Dry Flower Products


Crop Improvement (05)

  1. Efficient micro-propagation protocol for commercial production of pineapple
  2. Efficient micro-propagation protocol for commercial production of bamboo
  3. Sabour Seed Quality Enhancer-1 (Eco-friendly Seed priming technology in chickpea)
  4. Development of efficient low cost micropropagation protocol for Syngonium cultivars
  5. Development of robust and improved in vitro regeneration system for Ficus lyrata


Crop Protection  (25)

  1. Integrated Management of Gram Pod Borer (Helicoverpa armigera) in  Chickpea
  2. Management of Blossom Blight in Mango
  3. Management of Fruit Fly through Pheromone Traps in Mango
  4. Management of Fruit Fly through Pheromone Traps in Guava
  5. Pest management Module for Insect-pest complex of Brinjal
  6. Insecticide molecule against sucking pest of Okra
  7. Management of soil Borne Disease in Tomato through application of Bioagent (Trichoderma viridae)
  8. Management of scaring beetle in banana by mechanical barrier
  9. Integrated disease management (IDM) module for fungal and bacterial disease in betelvine.
  10. Dry root management using Azoxystrobin fungicide in Chick pea.
  11. Management strategy for important insect-pests in Makhana crop.
  12. Substrate and Supplements for sustainable cultivation of Oyster Mushroom in Bihar
  13. Management of Pod borer (Helicoverpa armigera) in pigeonpea
  14. Abiotic stress tolerant Trichoderma sp.
  15. Management of Armyworm in rice
  16. Eco-friendly Management of Mustard Aphid through border planting of safflower and spraying leaf extracts of Lantana camara
  17. Root-borne disease management of pulses using post mushroom substrate and Trichoderma seed priming
  18. Management of red banded mango caterpillar
  19. Sustainable pest management on bark-eating caterpillar in mango
  20. Management of anthracnose guava
  21. Integrated pest management of jute diseases and insect pests
  22. Sustainable pest management of bark eating caterpillar in mango
  23. Integrated Management of Fall Armyworm in Maize
  24. Management of Anthracnose in guava
  25. Integrated Disease and Pest Management in Jute