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  (Posted on 08 Jun 2023)

On the third day (7th June) of the One week workshop on “Environmental Protection and Awareness (EPA-2023)” during 5th – 11th June, 2023, the Waste to Wealth Programme was carried out, where students of BAC & CABT, Sabour and Kasturba Gandhi Balika School, Sabour participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Different products derived from waste of different sorts were presented, like liquid fertilizers from onion and other kitchen wastes, pen stands, dust bin, decorative materials from plastic bottles and paper wastes. The models depicting Waste to Wealth by the children of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Sabour, the school adopted by Bau, Sabour were really very marvelous. Apart from students of BAC & CABT, school children, faculties were present to witness and judge the models for awards. The programme was coordinated by Dr. Awadhesh Kr Pal, Dr. Sareeta Nahakpam, Dr. Shashikant, Dr. R. D. Ranjan and Dr. M. P. Mandal

  (Posted on 06 Jun 2023)

Parthenium eradication and beat plastic campaign was carried out at 6 AM in the morning on the second day (6th June) of the One week workshop on “Environmental Protection and Awareness (EPA-2023)” during 5th – 11th  June, 2023. Students from BAC & CABT, Sabour, faculty members and children of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Sabour participated with enthusiasm. The area surrounding the university and college building were covered for  parthenium and plastic eradication. The programme was headed by Dr. S. N. Singh, Associate Dean-cum-Principal, BAC Sabour, who participated very actively in the campaign. The programme was organized and coordinated by Dr. A. K. Pal, Dr. Sareeta Nahakpam, Dr. Shashikant, Dr. R. D. Ranajn.

  (Posted on 06 Jun 2023)

On occasion of world environment day on 5 th June 2023, College of Agricultural Biotechnology,
Sabour organised a plantation programme in front of the area of PG Lab-2. Dr. R. P. Sharma,
Dean (Agriculture) and Dr. N. Chattopadhyaya, Prinicpal, CABT, Sabour were the chief guest of
the programme. Faculties of MBGE/CABT and the students of CABT participated in the
plantation programme. Dean (Ag) and Principal, CABT appealed to the students and faculties to
plant as many saplings as possible to make the campus green and a better place for the posterity.
Dr. Vinod Kumar, Dr. Ravi Ranjan and Dr. Tushar Ranjan act as the convenors for organising
the plantation programme for making this event a grand success.

  (Posted on 05 Jun 2023)

One week (05-11th June 2023) workshop on environmental protection and awareness was inaugurated today on 5th June 2023 on the occasion of world environment day under the chairmanship of hon’ble Vice Chancellor BAU, Sabour and chief guest Dr. S. K. Choudhary, Former Dean, Faculty of Science, TMBU, Bhagalpur. The programme started with the Jal Arpan by the dignitaries sowing the importance of water conservation. Dr. Choudhary delivered plenary lecture on “Say no to plastic” where he informed about the ill effect of plastic on human and other animal health and that difficulty in its degradation. Students of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, the adopted school BAU, Sabour gave speech on environmental integration and management. NSS unit of BAU took oath for keeping the campus clean, green and plastic free. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor BAU, Sabour suggested many majors to control use of plastic in the campus and to raise awareness among people out of the campus.

  (Posted on 31 May 2023)

For the speedy execution of the pending cases in the Hon'ble High Court, Patna, today on 31.05.2023, Bihar Agricultural University Headquarters, Sabour, Bhagalpur, probably for the first time in the state's universities organized an "Alternative Dispute Redressal Camp" in the chairmanship of Dr. D.R. Singh, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, BAU, Sabour, in which 15 cases were selected by the committee for the hearing. Total 11 petitioners were present during this camp to present their cases, out of the selected cases. The camp was conducted under the chairmanship of the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, BAU, Sabour and in the presence of constituted committee members namely Registrar, Director Administration, Comptroller, Learned counsel of the university, Officer-in-Charge, Legal Cell.  The petitioners were given full opportunity to present their claims/grief in the context of the case.  Thereafter, the committee discussed in depth about the various aspects of the related matter. After thorough discussion and as an outcome, consent letter from the 9 petitioners for withdrawal of cases pending in the High Court, Patna were submitted to the university.

This effort will prove to be a milestone in the direction of reducing the pressure of unnecessary pending legal cases on the university. At the same time, this effort reflects the positive thinking of the Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor in this direction, which will prove to be useful in creating a pleasant atmosphere among the office bearers and employees in the university campus and in developing a better work culture.

  (Posted on 29 May 2023)

The Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour is host the Final Review Meeting, Symposium & Training programme under the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) sponsored research project entitled “Understanding Farm-Household Management Decision making for Increased Productivity in the Eastern Gangetic Plains or Farmer Behaviour Insights Project (FBIP)” from 28-30 May 2023. The symposium was organized on 29.05.2023.

  (Posted on 25 May 2023)

Seed production-cum-cropping programme Meeting of Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour was held on 24th May 2023 under the chairmanship of Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Dr D R Singh.

  (Posted on 20 May 2023)

24th Extension Education Council Meeting (ECM) of Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour was held on 19th May 2023 under the chairmanship of Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Dr. D. R. Singh.

  (Posted on 19 May 2023)

25th Research Council Meeting of Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour was held on 17-18 May 2023 under the chairmanship of Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Dr D R Singh. In the meeting two new varieties of paddy (Sabour Moti and Sabour Sona) and three new agricultural techniques were recommended.

  (Posted on 17 May 2023)

Competitive Examination & Guidance Cell (CEG Cell), BAU Sabour has been established in Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour first time by the initiative of Dr. D. R. Singh, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, BAU Sabour to impart the guidance and support to all the existing students as well as former students of BAU Sabour who wish to be a part of Central/ State Administration and want to serve as an officer/ official in Government of India, Government of Bihar or other State Governments. The CEG Cell, BAU Sabour organized two workshops during the last month for UG (final semester)/ PG students to create awareness about the current advertisement notices and upcoming advertisements/ exams of UPSC and SSC and also discussed the exam strategies. Several other plans and programmes are on the way and the Cell is committed to provide the maximum facilities and support to the students to achieve their goals through various competitive examinations.

  (Posted on 12 May 2023)

The Department of Plant Pathology, BAC Sabour organized a workshop on "Shielding Plant Health with Innovative Management Strategies" to commemorate the International Day of Plant Health Management on 12th May 2023. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. D. R. Singh, Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor of the university, and Dr. S. N. Singh, the Principal of BAC Sabour. Total of 110 participants registered and attended the workshop including MSc and PhD students and scientists/teachers across disciplines. A total of 25 speakers delivered the talk.

  (Posted on 04 May 2023)

The Intra-College Indoor Games and Sports Meet-2023  for B.Tech Biotechnology students was organised by the College of Agricultural Biotechnology, Sabour during April under the chairmanship of Principal, CABT Sabour. The sports meet was inauguratied by Principal, CABT and in presence of Shri Amit Kumar, DDA and Overall I/c Sports, BAU, Sabour on April 04 at the Officers’ Club at the university’s headquarters.

The sports meet was organized under the the guidance of Dr. Y .K. Singh Kumar (O/I Games & Sports, BAC, Sabour)  by Dr Ravi Ranjan Kumar (O/I Games & Sports, CABT) and the games was organized by different committee head by Dr. Subrat Subrat Keshori Behera (Badminton) Dr. AK Pal (Table tennis), Dr. Tushar Ranjan (carrom) and Dr. Ravi Ranjan (chess) along with the students’ secretaries


  (Posted on 29 Apr 2023)

BAU, Sabour organized Brainstorming session on Review of Research Activities and Redesigning Research Priorities in Biotechnology on 29th April 2023.Total of three (03) teaching cum practicals were released for B.Tech (Biotechnology) students during this program.


  (Posted on 27 Apr 2023)

Bihar Agricultural University sabour organized first ever its Rojgar Mela for its passed out and ongoing last year students of graduation, post graduation and PhD with the great inspiration of Dr D R Singh, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of the university. A total of seventy four graduate students, fifty one M.Sc students and five PhD students participated in this mela. Most of students are last year’s students of the academic programmes. The companies those participated in this Rojgar mela are Veticura Mankind ( Division of Mankind Pharma Ltd), DHAN Vayalagam (Tank) Foundation, Shivashakti Agritec Limited, HDFC Bank & AU Biotech and some companies also participated virtually.

  (Posted on 26 Apr 2023)

BAU, Sabour organized a workshop on quality production, storage, marketing and branding of Bhagalpuri Zardalu mangoes on 25 April 2023.

  (Posted on 25 Apr 2023)

Second alumni meet of BAU, Sabour held on 23rd and 24th April 2023. The program was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. D. R. Singh.

On this occasion, the web portal of the alumni association was also inaugurated.

  (Posted on 12 Apr 2023)

The seventh convocation ceremony of university was organized on 11th April 2023. Convocation was presided over by His Excellency the Governor of Bihar and Chancellor BAU, Sabour. Shri Kumar Sarvjeet, Honorable Agriculture Minister, Government of Bihar and Dr. A. K. Singh, Deputy Director Horticulture, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi attended were present.

  (Posted on 12 Apr 2023)

His Excellency the Governor of Bihar and Chancellor BAU, Sabour encouraged the girl students of Kasturba Vidyalaya, Sabour adopted by the University.

  (Posted on 12 Apr 2023)

On 11th April, 2023, 14 people were appointed in the university on compassionate grounds.

  (Posted on 06 Apr 2023)

Three days long training programme on Crop Monitoring and Digital Data Collection was inaugurated by Hon'ble Vice Chancellor on 06 April 2023.

  (Posted on 31 Mar 2023)

Voluntary Blood Donation Camp was Organized by Sehat Kendra (Health Centre) BAU, Sabour on 28th March 2023.

  (Posted on 31 Mar 2023)

A library for farmers was inaugurated at Uprama village in Banka district by Hon'ble Vice Chancellor of Bihar Agricultural University (BAU), Sabour, Dr. D. R. Singh on 26 March 2023.

  (Posted on 27 Mar 2023)

BAU, Sabour was Awarded with First Prize for Best Stall During Bihar Diwas 2023

  (Posted on 27 Mar 2023)

Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor courtesy visit to his Excellency the Governor of Bihar Shri Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar 

  (Posted on 27 Mar 2023)

Regional Agriculture Fair held on BAU, Sabour during 23-25 February 2023.

  (Posted on 27 Mar 2023)

Inauguration of College of Forestry By Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri Nitish Kumar, Government of Bihar

  (Posted on 27 Mar 2023)

Inauguration of Radio Revision Programme for improving academic performance of students.

  (Posted on 27 Mar 2023)

Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor addressing the university fraternity on the occasion of 74th Republic day

  (Posted on 27 Mar 2023)

Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor visited Bhola Paswan Shastri Agricultural College, Purnea on 30th January, 2023.

  (Posted on 27 Mar 2023)

A week long indoor game competition started at Bihar Agricultural University (BAU), Sabour