Academic Unit 1: Bihar Agricultural College, Sabour

Sabour, Bhagalpur 813210

Bihar Agricultural College, Sabour

Name : Dr. S. N. Ray
Designation : Associate Dean-cum-Principal
Email :

Bihar Agricultural College, Sabour is one of the oldest colleges of agriculture in the country that established in 1908 in the district of Bhagalpur. It is situated about 8 km east of Bhagalpur (the nearest railway junction) at 86o57´S longitude and 25o 15′ N latitude at an altitude of 46 meter. Sabour is connected by rail and road links both. Sabour has a Railway station on the eastern railway route. The National Highway No. 80 previously called Assam Link, road passes through Sabour which links Assam and Patna. Nearest airport of Bhagalpur is about 4 km away from the College campus. The Sabour Farm was started as an experimental farm in 1906.The foundation stone of an Agricultural College at Sabour was laid by Sir Andrew Henderson Leith Frazer; Lt. Governor of Bengal on 17th August, 1908. The college when initially started for diploma of Licentiate in Agriculture, imparted training in agriculture including Live Stock and Rural Economy, physics, Chemistry, Botany, Entomology, Veterinary, Agricultural Engineering and land record. The first and second Principals of the College were Sri A.C. Dobbs (1906-1911) and Sri E.J. Woodhouse (1911-1915) respectively. The PG courses in five agricultural subject’s viz. Agronomy, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, Entomology and Agricultural Extension were started from the Aug 1955. The Govt. of Bihar sanctioned the scheme for introducing M.Sc. Ag Course at Bihar Agricultural College.


  • Increase in agricultural production and productivity of Bihar in particular and of the country in general through appropriate, advance and sustainable technological development and their dissemination to the farmers.
  • Development of food production systems based on agriculture diversification, water & soil conservation and efficient land use planning
  • Building of human resources in the field of agriculture and allied sector through quality education, training to agricultural officers and farmers for overall development of agriculture sector and food and nutritional security of the people.
  • Technology adoption by farmers experiencing common agriculture challenges.


  • To impart quality education to the students in the field of Agricultural Sciences.
  • To undertake basic, strategic and applied research for over all development of agriculture and its allied sector through advance and novel technology development
  • To undertake extension education programme for the farmers, rural youths & women by organizing on campus and off campus training programmes for dissemination of advance and sustainable farm technology for their better livelihood.
  • To produce and supply of breeder seeds for multiplication of foundation and certified seeds.